Friday, February 28, 2020

Layers of Green (Painting) (Final Version)

I finished this painting a couple of weeks ago, but over the last few days I cleaned it up and changed a line or two in this process.  This is the version I sent off to be used to publicize my upcoming show in at Galatea in May.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

"Purple Mountains Majesty" (REVISED) Acrylic Water Media

Although I already pronounced this painting finished a few days ago, my daughter recently suggested adding some yellow or orange to balance all the purple tones.  I knew she was right, so today I mixed up some very pale yellow to use as highlights (to suggest sunlight on the mountains) and some pale orange (nearly pink) to suggest the red earth of Colorado. I think the colors are more balanced now, and I think the painting was improved by the suggestion.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Loveland Pass July 1978 (Reference Photo)

This morning, I looked through family photo albums and found a snapshot to use as a reference for my next painting.  (I am working on a series of mountain paintings from family snapshots from trips to Colorado.) On the back of this one, I had written "Loveland Pass, July", and barely visible in the corner was a watermark giving the date as August 1978 (the date the photo was developed.) This was from a trip to Colorado with the kids.  Today scanned the photo into the computer, cleaned it up with the retouching tool, and adjusted the color to remove a pink cast.  I straightened it just a bit.  I thought about cropping it, but decided to leave it as it is.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Two Faces (Digital Woodcut)

This image started with an old double-exposed snapshot of my mother and my aunt.  I really like the photo. Last year I posted earlier attempts to add some special effects in Painter. It was really hard to get it right because a lot of visual information was missing in the original photo. Well, today I had a chance to have a long phone call with my aunt. It had been a while so I was very glad to talk to her.  Since my mom died (in 1984), it seems that when I want to talk to my mother,  I call my aunt, who is now almost 101!  Anyway, all that got me thinking about this photo today and I decided to give it yet another go. I opened the image in Painter and drew into the image just a bit where visual information was missing or hard to see. Then I selected sections to posterize. Finally I added a digital woodcut effect.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Lynch Park Beach in October (with Prisma filter)

This image began with a photo that I took in October at Lynch Park, a beach-front park here in Beverly, MA. Tonight I added the Prisma filter.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Purple Mountains Majesty (Acrylic Watermedia)

This is the painting I have been working on, inspired by a photo from a 1980s trip to Colorado. I modified it on the computer to bring out purple colors and have been using it as a painting reference (posted here January 16). Today I concentrated on the foreground,  trying to make a stronger connection with the rest of the painting.  Then I began to make a lot of very small changes, which is always a clue that I am nearing the finish line. Now I am ready to say that this painting is finished.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Purple Mountains Majesty (Painting as of February 22, 2020)

I kept going with this painting today.  My reference is posted here January 16, a digitally altered snapshot from a Colorado trip back in the 1980s.  Today I changed a few shapes  that seemed to be working against the perspective.  I smoothed out the sky a bit, and added some shapes to the foreground.  Almost at the finish line with this one.