Sunday, October 22, 2017

Branch of Hydrangeas Turning Pink (Painting Reference)

I am getting ready to paint some small oil bar paintings, part of my "branches" series.  I have been coughing my head off all weekend, but time is passing by.  Although breaking out the oil bars would not be a good idea,  I decided to get my photo reference ready.  This image is from a set of photos that I took while on a walk in the neighborhood back on September 4th.  I did a couple of crops from the original photo and decided to go with this one.  I opened the image in Painter and resized it to get it to 8 x 10 (which is the canvas size).  I also posterized it a bit, and then printed it out to use as my photo reference.  I like the photo as it is, but I am planning to modify the composition a bit for the painting.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Five Pumpkins (with Woodcut effect)

Here is one more version of my photo of pumpkins. For this one, I used my Painter program to add a woodcut effect.  I think these images might come in handy to make holiday greetings; not sure if I prefer the woodcut version or the posterized version.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Five Pumpkins (Posterized Photo)

Day before yesterday, I posted a picture of five pumpkins. This was a photo that I took at The Food Project (our CSA), digitally cleaned up with Painter's digital pastel.  Here is the same photo again, this time with posterizing effect added.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another Heart Shaped Box (As of October 19, 2017)

Today I went to Porter Mill Studios to work on this project for a while. This is a candy box (Turtles) that I am covering with collage and decoupage patterns created from printed metallic ribbon.  It is slow going, kind of like a meditation, but also a bit maddening, like a jigsaw puzzle in slow motion.  I am currently working on the underside of the box, which I am covering in pieces of brown ribbon with purple, pink, and green floral accents. And I am also currently worried that I will run short of brown ribbon.  I have already done a lot of work on the top of the box, also pictured, which has orange and purple stripes and will have a gold border when it is finished.  I call this project "Another Heart Shaped Box" because it is not the first.  If you want to see where this is headed, follow this link to my first such project:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Five Pumpkins (Digitally Edited)

This image started with a photo that I took on October 5th when we went to pick up our farm share at The Food Project (our CSA). I saw pumpkins in a bin and took some quick pictures.  The pumpkins looked great, but once I got the image on my computer screen, I could see that some cleanup was called for.  So I opened the image in Painter and used digital pastel to clean up the pumpkins and simplify the background.  The stem of one of the pumpkins had been broken off, so I used some cut-and-paste and some digital pastel to restore it.  I was pretty happy with the result, so while I had Painter open, I created two more versions: one posterized and another with woodcut effect.  I plan to post those images here soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Indoor Garden (Fabric Appliqué as of October 17, 2017)

Today I was short on time but this afternoon did a bit more work on this fabric appliqué.  This is done with fabric ironed on to a background, which in this case is an old kitchen towel. I always liked the design, and kept this one around thinking I could do something with it someday.  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Indoor Garden (Fabric Appliqué as of October 16, 2017)

This is a project I started a while ago. This is an appliqué created by ironing pieces of fabric onto a background. The background is a well-loved tea towel, and I am creating flower pots overflowing with vines and flowers.  I started this project a few months ago, but until recently, the weather was too warm for a project involving ironing. It is getting cooler and today I went back to this project and continued work on the vines. The stems of the vines are a bit tedious, but I need to put them in first.  I don't have a detailed plan, but I did sketch out the general composition with some white chalk, which you can see if you look closely.  To be continued. . . .