Saturday, January 31, 2015

Storm Coming Over Pink Mountains (Framed)

This is a painting that I finished in mid-November, a landscape painted from my imagination but inspired by memories of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This is acrylic paint used with water on watercolor paper. Today I framed this painting because tomorrow I am going to go to Boston to deliver it to Galatea Gallery.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Little January Bouquet (Mixed Media Drawing)

This is the little drawing I have been working on. It is only 4 x 4 inches. I started it a couple of days ago with my new set of fine-line pens (Sharpies), and added color conte crayons to finish it. Today I just worked on straightening out the line of the table. The blue dish was not centered and it was not symmetrical, so I moved it over just a bit and made the sides the same shape. I also added one more flower to make the bouquet look more centered.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Little January Bouquet (As of January 29, 2015)

This is the small drawing I started yesterday, trying out my new set of Sharpies (fine-line felt-tip pen). Late this afternoon, I decided to do a little more work on it. I told myself that I wanted to finish the drawing, but really I think that I just wasn't finished playing with my new Sharpies. I did a little more with the flowers, but worked mostly on the table and the wall in the background. Once I made the table surface brown, the dark blue bowl wasn't showing up. There is no way to lighten felt-tip pen. (If you add more colors, even lighter colors, the result is darker, darker, darker.) So I decided to use light colored conte crayon on the table and bowl, and that did the trick. I also added some pale gray to the background. There are some problems I need to fix, so this is not quite finished.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Little January Bouquet (As of January 28, 2015)

Late this afternoon, at the end of a very busy day, I finally found an opportunity to make art. I only had about 20 minutes, but I decided to use the time to break out my latest toy: a set of fine-line Sharpies* (in 24 colors) that I picked up at Cosco over the weekend. I grabbed a small artist tile (4 x 4 piece of paper), and started this simple little drawing. I had a good time exploring the colors and it felt great to draw, a little triumph in such a hectic day. I like this drawing as it is, but I might do more with it before I call it finished.

*felt-tip pens

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tree and Hillside (Oil Bar Painting as of January 28, 2015)

Here is my oil bar painting as it looked after I worked on it this morning. This landscape is based on photos that I took in October at Appleton Farms, in Ipswich, MA. (You can see my reference photos posted here on January 2nd and 3rd.) I am still establishing the composition, and today I worked on the lines of the hillside and roughed in the stand of trees in the background. The big tree on the left is not finished, but it is much more developed than the rest of the canvas. And I can remember my painting teachers telling me not to spend too much time on one part of the painting before roughing in the whole composition. I usually try to follow that advice, but in this case, I knew that if that big tree didn't work, the painting wouldn't work either. So I concentrated on that tree until I was convinced that I would be able to paint it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tree and Hillside (Oil Bar Painting as of January 26, 2015)

Here is my oil bar painting as it looked when I finished working on it this morning. I am painting from some photos that I took in October at Appleton Farms (in Ipswich, MA). My reference photos are posted here, January 2nd and 3rd. I am still working out the details of the composition, and today I work on placement of the fence posts and the path.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quiet Snow


Yesterday we had the first real snow cover of the year. I took some pictures and some video clips with my iPhone. On the spur of the moment, I decided to try out the iMovie app on my new iPhone, and used it to put some video clips and stills together. I couldn't figure out some of the editing functions in the iMovie app on the phone, so the result was kind of clunky, with some unsteadiness and other mistakes. But I posted it on Facebook anyway as a little weather report. Today I transferred the video to my computer and did more serious editing in the full iMovie application. I don't use iMovie very often so I was rusty, but I managed to stabilize the video, edit out some mistakes, and also find and eliminate the frames that were causing the visual bounce. The result is a little bit shorter, but it's a whole lot better.