Friday, January 26, 2007

Flowering Plant (Pastel Makeover Day 3)

Flowering Plant (Pastel Makeover Day 3) Originally uploaded by randubnick

I wasn't planning to work on this pastel today, but I was really eager to return to it. I finally had a short break in my schedule, so in spite of frigid temperatures and freezing wind, I went over to Red Brick to work on it for an hour. I changed the shape of the flower pot, reverting to the shape I had used in an earlier version. I fixed some problems with the elipses, then softened up the edges. Then I worked on the leaves. I had already added some blues and yellows for variety, so today I went over them with some transparent green and white tones to make the leaves look more alike overall. I added some definition to the flowers, and sharpened the background shapes, using blue-violet pastel. By then it was time to head home. There are still some things left to fix, but I am feeling better about this little makeover.

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