Friday, February 08, 2008

Closeup of February Bouquet (Posterized Photo)

Closeup of February Bouquet (Posterized Photo) Originally uploaded by randubnick

The other day, this February bouquet took me by surprise when it arrived in my driveway, pretending to be a piece of mail that someone was coming over to drop off! I love the amazing selection of flowers: rose-hips, purple tulips, cream-colored roses, big bright zinnias, and tiny dahlias. Of course, I took some pictures with my phonecam right away. Today I had a chance to edit the photos. I liked the basic composition of this closeup, but in my excitement, I didn't realize that I had inadvertently captured a corner of someone's cellphone or flashdrive or whatever that was on the table. So today I opened the image in Painter IX and did a little cleanup with digital pastel. I also added just a bit of detail to the center of each of the roses, because it was hard to see the outline of the inner petals. (I just enlarged the shapes that were already there, making them easier to see.) Then I posterized the image, and here it is.

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