Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heart Shaped Box as of November 28, 2009

Heart Shaped Box as of November 28, 2009
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Today I went to the studio to work on this project, a heart-shaped box that I am covering with collage and decoupage, created with pieces of printed metallic ribbon. I concentrated on the bottom of the box, shown in the picture: brown center with decoupage floral arrangements around the edge. I worked on the floral border today, combining pieces of flowers and leaves. I decided it was time to do this to determine what the border will look and also to make sure I will have enough floral pieces to make the design work. So now, even though it is not yet complete, the basic layout of the floral border is in place. I also worked a little bit on the pink interior of the box top, also shown in the photo. That was all I had time to do today, but I was satisfied, because getting the floral border blocked in will help me move faster with the rest of the project.

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