Saturday, September 05, 2015

Face of Woman in Chair (Detail of Drawing)

Today, looking through sketchbooks, I found a series of drawings from figure drawing sessions held a couple of years ago at Porter Mill Studios. I liked the faces in the drawings and I decided to take closeups photos of the drawings to show them.  It is always challenging to draw the face, because these drawings are always timed, and it is always a challenge to get the face in a hurry.  I hope these closeups give you a sense of my drawing styles and the joy and the challenge that I find in drawing. I like these (cropped) drawings of faces as they are.  However, at some point, I hope to create a private album of my figure drawings with a link/password to share with galleries and interested contacts. This would be a big job because I have so many figure drawings, starting in high school with clothed figures, then in college, courses that required drawing from life. In Lawrence, Kansas, I was in a drawing group called "Artists and Models"; we met weekly to draw from models and had group shows. Since then, I have taken a figure drawing classes, workshops and drawing sessions when I can. For me, it's the most difficult kind of drawing there is.)

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