Friday, May 06, 2016

Bela Bacalhau as of May 6, 2016

This morning, I started working on this project first thing. This is "Bela Bacalhau," a wooden codfish that I am decoration for the The Marblehead Art Association. (Fifty different versions of the same cutout will be decorated by area artists and auctioned off to support the arts.) I associate codfish with Portugal, where I saw it on every menu in Porto. So I have covered my codfish with a design inspired by Portuguese tile (blue and white azulejos). Yesterday I added the lines on the fins and tail, but I wasn't happy with them, so this morning, I started by straightening those lines out. Then i did a lot of cleanup with marker, kneaded eraser, and some gesso. There is more cleanup to do, but I am still considering adding a second shade of blue. So I did a trial run or two on paper. More on that tomorrow. Last year, I decorated a codfish too. If you want to see my codfish project from last year, follow this link:

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