Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hello Bela (Bacalhau)

Here is a photo of my codfish project, "Bela Bacalhau," with her new owner. I haven't seen Bela since I dropped her off in mid-May to be auctioned for the benefit of the Marblehead Festival of the Arts. (Some 50 area artists decorated codfish cutouts which were displayed in Marblehead and then auctioned.) This was an on-line auction, with bids received from anywhere. Although I could see online that bids were being placed, I couldn't tell who was bidding, and although I knew Bela had been purchased, the buyer's identity was a mystery. But a few days ago, this picture turned up on my Facebook feed. There was "Bela Bacalhau" with her new owner! And the new owner turned out to be my daughter's college friend. In fact, this spring she came up to Boston from Georgia to visit my daughter, and when she stopped by my house, saw my codfish as a work-in-progress. I had no idea she was bidding on Bela, so this was a surprise, and it put a great big smile on my face.

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Susan said...

Randa, Your work is amazing. I couldn't pass up a chance to bid on this piece after seeing it in your studio. There was actually a bit of a bidding war, and I was so happy to finally end up with it. I love the colors, pattern, and all the details and I'm so glad I get to enjoy it every day. It's truly beautiful! --Susan, new owner "Bela Bacalhau”