Monday, June 19, 2017

Encore Post: Riding the Toy Train (Painting)

Yesterday, for Father's Day, I re-posted a photo of my dad, on a kiddie train ride with my cousin and me.  The original photo was taken by my uncle, Ike Fitterman, and posted here back in 2008, In 2008, I also posted my painting based on this photo, done years earlier, and I am re-posting it again today.  This is what I said about it in 2008: "This is a painting that I did for my cousin some years ago. It is now hanging in her house in Denver, and when I was there recently, I photographed it with my digital camera. (The light was a bit too dim, and there is a little bit of reflection in the image, but basically this photo shows what the painting looks like.) I painted this in the 1990's, not too long after my dad died. It is an interpretation of the black and white photograph posted yesterday, taken by my uncle Ike, and I consider this a collaborative piece. He was a terrific photographer! The painting is done on paper with acrylics used as water media paint. (I did a series of such paintings based on 1940's and 1950's family photos.) I wasn't going for photo-realism here, but wanted to capture the feeling of the image, the happiness of the memory. The colors are invented and I didn't go with realistic colors; I chose the sweet, bright, candy-colors of nostalgia."  

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