Monday, November 06, 2017

Driving in Vermont (Digitally Edited Photo)

This is a picture that I took as we were driving home from Vermont on a cold, wet afternoon.  The location is somewhere between Burlington and Montpellier. Although I took a lot of photos in Vermont, I was often taking pictures from the driver's seat of a moving car.  It was pretty challenging to get an image I could use, especially with a lot of cars on the road.  There were only two cars in the distance in this photo, so I thought it might work.  But I had to do a lot to get there.  I opened the original photo in Painter and cropped out the dashboard and car interior.  When I had the composition I wanted,  a corner of the inspection tag on the windshield was still visible in the lower right part of the image, so I used some cut and past and digital pastel to fix that.  I also had to even out the color in the upper left corner because you could see the outline of the windshield.  Once I got that far, I also created two more versions in Painter, one with a posterized effect, and the other with a woodcut effect.  I plan to post them here over the next few days.

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