Thursday, November 02, 2017

Mom in San Francisco Train Station (Posterized Photo)

This image began with a snapshot that i found this morning. I was looking through a big envelope of old photos that my aunt sent me a few years ago. Most of these pictures are of my mom before she got married.  This photo is labeled "Ruth - SF. Terminal - Aug. 1940".  So my mother went to San Francisco.  I think the photographer was my mom's sister because I also saw pictures of her in Berkeley, California, labeled "Aug. 1940." I will have to ask.  Anyway, I love this picture of my mom, looking very elegant.  This morning I cleaned the image up a bit in iPhoto and then opened it in Painter.  I used digital pastel, color overlay, and selective posterizing to add color.  It is fun to imagine the colors. I like the result and its nice to feel like I am spending a time with her.  I am posting this today because she was born on November 2nd.

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