Saturday, November 11, 2017

My Dad in London (Posterized Version)

This is my father in London during World War II.  This image might look familiar because I posted it here before as a "rescued family photo" back on August 28, 2006. It was in my mother's old album, where she kept photos he sent home from overseas during World War II.  I like this photo with St. Paul's in the background, and so I did a lot of work to rescue it: straightening, cropping, retouching, etc. Yesterday I went back to this image and created this posterized version in Painter.  When I posted this back on 2006, I wrote about  my father enjoying his leave in London. And it looks like he did.  In fact, I don't think he traveled much except when he was in the army.  But I know there was a lot more to his war time experience than that.  What I think about now is that my father was a mild-mannered, peaceful guy.  But he left his brand new wife, his mother, his brother, and his sisters to do his bit to defeat the Nazis. I know he was scared during the war because he told me so years later when he was getting treatment for cancer. I think of his courage a lot lately, and his example strengthens my resolve to not stand idly by in the face of bigotry and antisemitism.  

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