Saturday, June 02, 2018

On the Horizon (Acrylic Watermedia) as of Jun. 2, 2018

I started this painting two days ago. This is another "Mountain Daydream," landscapes from my imagination and memories of the Colorado mountains.  In this case, the memory is the mountains that were always on the horizon. I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado, about 30 minutes from the mountains.  But I saw them every day, and in my mind's eye, I still do.  Today I worked on the composition and the proportions.  I revised the top line of the mountains and brought the line of the sky down by about 3/8 of an inch, but it made a difference.  To make that change, I added some turquoise to the sky. I like it, but plan to make it lighter. 
I also raised the line of the foothills and used some green to define the area.  I don't think that's the final color.  I am also planning to modify the foreground color.  To be continued. . . .. .

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