Friday, November 02, 2018

Mom in Wyoming 1940 (Rescued Snapshot)

My mother was born on November 2, and I like to look at pictures of her on her birthday.  This one was in a big package that my Aunt Edy sent me a few years ago, all photos taken before my mother got married, and  most of them were new to me.  This one is labeled (in ink on the margins), "Ruth  Rawlins, Wyo. Aug. 11, 1940" and is part of a little run of photos also labeled Rawlins.  Other pictures in this set show my mom, in the same outfit, standing by a bus that says "Los Angeles." So Rawlins must have been a stop along the way.  And because pictures taken around the same time show my Aunt Edy in California, I figured they went together.  This morning, I called my aunt to confirm, and she said yes,  they were on their way to LA to visit Aunt Tilly, my mother's sister.  (This is how working on one of these old photos can make me feel like I have been spending time with my mom, even though she has been gone since 1984). So Aunt Edy took this picture, and it's a great composition.  I scanned the snapshot into my computer.  It was about 3" x 4", but was in pretty good shape.  I just squared it up, re-cropped it, took out a few stray marks, and then adjusted the contrast.  Just for fun, I decided to make a colorized version using Painter, and I plan to post that tomorrow.

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