Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Transformational Drawing Set 2 Number 9

Transformational Drawing Set 2 Number 9 (Originally uploaded by randubnick)

This morning I went to Red Brick and made this little drawing. There will be nine drawings in this series, but this is not the last drawing even though this one is Number 9. (I still have three more to go.) The number refers to the position of the piece of paper in the original acrylic painting (cut into nine pieces). This one was in the lower right-corner, and you can tell because this is Arches watercolor paper, which has embossed lettering in the corner of every piece of paper. I struggled with how to deal with the lettering, and decided to encorporate it into the composition (as opposed to trying to hide it), but without letting it "take over" either. This created a problem, and made it more challenging to get the composition and colors right. One of my college painting teachers, Robert Daigle, taught us that in art it is good to have a problem to solve. I thought about that this morning, because I had to work hard to make this drawing work. But it was completely absorbing and I was very happily lost in this imaginary landscape for the short time I had at the studio. When it was time to leave, I was pleased with the drawing, and here it is.

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