Friday, February 29, 2008

Quiet View of Harvard Archway

Quiet View of Harvard Archway Originally uploaded by randubnick

Today some good friends from Chicago were visiting Boston and we got together in Cambridge. Back in Chicago, a couple of decades back, we were next door neighbors. It was great to see them today! We had lunch in Cambridge and then hit the bookstores. As we were leaving the Harvard Bookstore, my friends were admiring this building, directly opposite. I remembered a photo of it that I took a couple of years ago (December 2006), and I found that photo tonight. I had also cropped a view of the archway out of that image and posted it here. I hadn't used the rest of the photo because of a big black trash can that was ruining the composition. But I really liked the original photo, so I decided to see what I could do to solve the problem. I opened the photo in Painter IX and used a little cut and paste, as well as digital airbrush, to make the trash can disappear. Now there is a clear view of the building's patterns and the archway leading to Harvard Yard.

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