Friday, August 28, 2015

My Dad in 1939 (Rescued Family Photo)

During a visit to New York, some time after my father died, my Aunt Celia gave me a box of photos of that showed my dad as a boy and a young man. I am still grateful that Aunt Celia did that for me. It was a great surprise, especially because I had never seen these photos before. When I got home, I put them in a new photo album that had an insert on the front cover for a photo. This is the photo I chose to put on the cover. I love this picture of my dad (and am grateful to the unknown photographer who took this picture). But the photograph itself was falling apart, so last night I scanned it into the computer and did some digital editing to get rid of tears, scratches, and stray marks. The image was not symmetrical, so I also cropped the digital version. On the back of the photo, someone had written "Hy" and the date, "Feb. 11, 1939". So he was twenty at the time this photo was taken. I am posting this today because he was born on August 28.

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