Monday, August 24, 2015

Queijo Coalho (As of Aug. 24, 2015)

This morning I continued to work on this drawing, which is going to be an illustration for a recipe on our food blog, The recipe is by our friend Thais, who gives grilled Brazilian cheese on a stick an original twist by making a dipping sauce with maple syrup. Today I started to add color, as you can see. But a lot of the work I did is less obvious. I have been thinking about replacing the toothpicks with little Brazilian and US flags, and then yesterday I discovered online that in fact you really can buy flag toothpicks of every country. So this morning I did some trial drawings of tiny flags, the same size as in the drawing, to see if I could make the idea work. (I think so.) This morning I also spent a lot of time revising the shape of the maple syrup bottle, trying to get it to behave and be symmetrical.

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