Saturday, February 18, 2017

Portrait of Us (As of Feb. 18, 2017)

I went back to this project first thing this morning This is a portrait I am painting of this couple on vacation in Greece, on a motorbike, and wearing helmets and sunglasses.  I am using their vacation photo as a reference.  (I am working in acrylic paint on a 14 x 18 inch canvas.)  Yesterday I did some work with the woman's helmet.  Afterward, late last night, I looked at the painting again and realized that the woman's head needed to be tilted just a bit more. I am glad that I figured that out, but since it is a bit tricky to fix, I drew the corrections first with a piece of pink conte crayon. Then I got out the brown and white paint and made the changes.  I was happy with the changes.  I also made some more changes to the woman's face, hair, and helmet.  Since I had some white left over, I added a touch of yellow and painted in some background. At this point, I am pretty happy with the likenesses of both subjects.  So I need to add a bit more color to the faces, add detail to the sunglasses and helmets, and finish painting the clothing and background.  

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