Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Color Scheme for Cecelia (Codfish Project)

After about a dozen attempts, I have come up with the color scheme for my next project. Along with about 50 other local artists, I am decorating a wooden codfish for the Marblehead Festival of the Arts. The decorated codfish will be on display in Marblehead and then auctioned off to benefit Marblehead Festival of the Arts. This year, I am going to to decorate my codfish with musical scales -- C scales, to be specific, which is why I named my fish Cecelia. I have been trying out color schemes, but didn't really find what I wanted till I visited the local art store and found an irridescent acrylic paint. The color is called "pearl" (appropriate for the ocean) and seems to land between white, off-white, and very pale silver. I bought a couple of tubes and came home and tried out as the background color on a piece of paper. Both silver and gold ink show up just fine. I also tried out some touches of turquoise blue, which I am thinking of using as well. So now I have my color scheme. The next step is to finish my "life-size sketch" on paper, and then get to work on the wooden cutout. if you want a better idea of where this is headed, follow this link to see "Bella Bacalhau," last year's entry:

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