Thursday, March 22, 2018

Portrait of Sandra (Revised)

This is portrait of my friend Sandra. I drew this  in 1969. I met Sandra and her husband René in 1968 at the University of Colorado.  My husband and I were newlyweds living in married student housing. One day I heard an unfamiliar language outside my window, and it was Sandra and René, two students from Brazil. They were trying to find their new apartment. They were also recently married and we all became close friends.  I remember drawing this before Sandra left to go back to Brazil, and I really doubted I would see her again. But through phone, internet, and travel, we have kept in touch over the years.  When we visited Brazil in 2016, I saw my drawing of Sandra framed and on display in  in her house.  I recently edited it a bit on the computer, and then used Painter's posterizing effect to add some color.  Today I posted this drawing on our food blog (Seasonings for Every Palate). It is an illustration to accompany a recipe for Sandra's  Brazilian rice.  You can see it at

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