Monday, April 16, 2018

Color Scheme Selected for Shelli

This year, I am decorating a wooden codfish for the Marblehead Festival of the arts.  This is for a fundraiser in which local artists are given wooden codfish forms to decorate, and these are then auctioned to benefit the Marblehead Art Association.  This year, I am going to decorate my fish with a seashell design (so the seashells replace the fish scales). My design is posted here (April 8) but I have been trying to decide on the color scheme.  Yesterday I posted four possibilities and asked for feedback.  Most people like the turquoise background, but a lot of people also liked the iridescent pearl background. Some people suggested blending the choices, which gave me an idea!  I decided to mix up a pale turquoise iridescent paint to use as the background. I plan to have white shells, outlined in gold.  This morning I tried out the idea.  I mixed iridescent pearl paint with a bit of manganese blue, and really liked the result.  So I made this little "mock-up".  In fact, I mixed up too much of the pale turquoise paint but felt sufficiently certain of my decision to use the extra paint to start painting the fish.  To be continued. . . . 

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