Sunday, November 04, 2018

Snowcapped Mountains (Inspiration for Painting)

I am getting ready to paint, another "Mountain Daydream" inspired by the Colorado mountains.  Since I took a lot of pictures when I was in Colorado back in June,  I decided to use one of those photos as a starting point.  This is a picture I took on June 11, the day that we drove to Central City.  I love those snowcapped mountains. As we drove through Colorado, I remembered that  the most breathtaking views of the mountains sometimes occur in the worst circumstances for photos.  In this case, to get those beautiful layers of mountains, but I had to include the road, the signs, and all that traffic.  And because I cropped this image from a larger view, the focus is off.  But I want to paint those mountains, and this is just the starting point.  So I used Painter to do some digital modification to turn this photo into a workable painting reference, and I will post that here tomorrow

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