Sunday, March 10, 2019

Douglas County Pie (Illustration as of March 10, 2019)

This is an illustration-in-progress.  I am planning an entry for our food blog -- -- and this is the first stage in creating the illustration.  The blog post is going to be about of Douglas County Pie, an amazing dessert from the Paradise Cafe in Lawrence, Kansas.  The Paradise Cafe is closed, and I haven't lived in Kansas for decades.  But during last month's trip to Nashville, my son's GF made Douglas County Pie as a birthday treat.  She had tracked down the authentic recipe and it tasted as amazing as ever!  I took a picture of the pie before we cut into it.  For this illustration, I started with that photo, but added a Prisma filter and then posterized the image in Painter.  And then I added space for lettering that will be added, above and below the pie.  To be continued. . . .

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