Monday, March 11, 2019

Douglas County Pie (Illustration as of March 11, 2019)

This is a work-in-progress, an illustration for a new entry in our food blog, This is the illustration so far.  The blog post will be about the amazing Douglas County Pie, from the Paradise Cafe in Lawrence, Kansas.  The Paradise Cafe opened in Lawrence around 1984 and we went there at least once a week, for coffee, for breakfast, and for pie!  It's been several decades since I have lived in Kansas, but during last month's trip to Nashville, my son's GF made Douglas County Pie from a recipe she tracked down. Yes, this was the real deal, and it tasted as great as ever!  I took a picture of the pie and used it to create this illustration.  I added a Prisma filter and some posterizing effect in Painter.  Then I used Painter to add the lettering.  Next and last step:  create a border. To be continued. . . .

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