Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Douglas County Pie (Illustration)

This is the illustration that I plan to use for a new entry in our food blog, Seasoningforeverypalate.wordpress.com. The blog post I am planning will be a nostalgic celebration of Douglas County Pie, from the Paradise Cafe in Lawrence, Kansas.  The Paradise Cafe -- on Massachusetts Avenue in Lawrence, Kansas -- opened in Lawrence around 1984. It was a very popular place to have breakfast, lunch, and pie! And eating Douglas County Pie was paradise! We left Lawrence decades ago, but last month, during a trip to Nashville, my son's GF made Douglas County Pie as a birthday surprise.  She had tracked down the recipe, and this was the real thing! Paradise regained!  I am using a photo of that pie to create this illustration. For this final version, I made some minor adjustments and added a purple border to match the lettering.  I hope to have the blog post ready on Thursday (Pi Day).

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