Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lighting Menorah (Stroke-By-Stroke Video)

Lighting Menorah (Stroke-By-Stroke Video)
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Happy Chanukah! This year I decided to draw a menorah on my iPad with the Brushes app. Brushes captures a stroke-by-stroke video as you draw, so I thought maybe I could make the menorah light up. I really had to concentrate on the order in which I drew things to get this to work. Even though I loved the animated effect, I wasn't completely happy with the little sketch, so I did some "post-production" work on it in Painter as well. Then I used iMovie to put the Brushes stroke-by-stroke video together with the revised sketch. Here it is, and I am sending this little menorah out to wish everyone happiness, light, and little miracles every day.

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