Thursday, September 10, 2015

Face of the Model (Detail of Ghost Drawing)

I have been posted details of faces cropped from some of my figure drawings.  I found these drawings in a sketchbook that I used a few years ago in a figure drawing workshop at Porter Mill.   I am ending this little series with this one. This is graphite bar on paper, done in a style that I call "ghost drawings".  I turn the graphite bar on its side to draw, so I get wide bands of shadow rather than fine lines.  For the face, I do use a few lines drawn with the tip or edge of the graphite bar.

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Phil Kastelic said...

Randy: Your portraits are soft, still and contemplative. I always want to be still and listen....they trade detail for spirit. When you can look at Jonathan's work
I have always found his characters reveal a social-political experience even when the focus is on the wear of time in a face. His detail expresses the trials of life.