Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mom's Baby Picture (Color Version)

This is a colorized version of the image I posted yesterday , in honor of my mother's birthday,  a black-and-white picture of my mom in her baby carriage.  The original photo was ripped and scratched, but I edited it last summer for a Memory Imprints* project (a memory book about my mom).  (You can see the "Before and After" photos posted here on July 31, 2016).  Yesterday I used my Painter software's digital pastel to add color to the photo. I plan to mount this colorized version on painted board, as a keepsake. To do this project, I had to look hard at the clothing, and notice all the detail! What an elegant outfit! My mother was the first daughter in the family, and was probably fussed over. She was a tomboy as a girl, but  I think that as an adult, she really would have liked the cut of the coat and the style of the hat. Working on this project helped me learn a little bit about my mom. That's one of the reasons I like to work on family photos.
*(If you want to know more about Memory Imprints, follow this link:

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