Thursday, December 01, 2016

Baby Picture of My Mom (Keepsake as of December 1, 2016)

This week, I have been working on a keepsake that I am making from a baby picture of my mom, the only such photo that  I have. Last summer, I performed a digital rescue of the original photo, which was. scratched, torn, and was missing the upper left corner. (The before and after versions are posted here, July 31.)  And in November, around the time of my mother's birtthday, I added some digital color, using Painter's digital pastel. This week, I finally had a chance to start making the keepsake.  I printed out a copy of the colorized photo and attached it to a canvas board.  Then I started painting the background.  I am going for a distressed or worn look.  It took me three coats to get the effect I wanted: brown, then red violet, and finally today a translucent mixture of blue and some brown. I applied the color and then wiped it off a bit so the undercoats would still come through. What I wanted was a deep maroon, with tones of deep blue and red violet, and now I am happy with the color.  The next step is to add a border with some ribbon.

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