Sunday, February 04, 2018

Seventy (Work in Progress) As of February 4, 2018

This afternoon, I continued the little crazy-making exercise I started yesterday, a self-portrait.  Any self-portrait is quite enough to make me crazy but I am attempting this one on my iPad with the Procreate app.  Yesterday I began from memory, then used some recent photos that my son took while we talked on Facetime.  But there were several photos (and several variations on my expression) so I was getting a bit confused. Today I came across a picture of myself at 35 and the position of my head and the facial expression were pretty close to what I had in the portrait.  So I decided to use that old photo as a guide  to feature shape and placement, and then add the changes of age to that.  I think that helped in that I am more confident that the features are basically correct.  But just as I ran out of time (and battery), I realized that the facial features are set a bit too far apart, which is throwing the proportions off.  So I can see a family resemblance to some of my cousins, but it's not quite me yet.  I will try to fix that tomorrow.  To be continued. . .

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